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Building Links through Blog Comments

Written by Julia on April 5th, 2012. Posted in Articles

Relevance and Link Popularity are two main things we take into account when building links to our website. This means that we are looking for web pages that are relevant to the theme of our site and have high link popularity. Where is the best place to find those pages? Social Networks.

How to Build Backlinks to Your Site with Fast Blog Finder

Written by Julia on October 15th, 2011. Posted in

How to Build Backlinks to Your Site with Fast Blog Finder

Before you watch this video tutorial and start submitting your blog comments, read these quick tips:

  • When you submit a comment on other people's blog, you are usually asked to provide your name, email address, URL and comment text itself. You can use your keyword anchor text as your name. When your comment is posted, your URL becomes attached to your keywords.
  • Don't post 2 word crap like "great post", rather try to contribute to what the initial post was about. Post a comment only if you have something of value to add to the discussion and not just to get links. Your comment will be pending for approval and blog owners are much more likely to approve your comment if it is relevant. Remember, the only cost of your new backlink is a comment. So, take a few moments to write a meaningful comment.
  • After the comment is submitted, add a short user note for the blog something like "Posted" or "Awaiting moderation". And some time later use the "Check My Comments" option to check whether your comment was approved or not.
  • If you liked the blog you commented on, do not forget to submit it to social media sites using Share It button. This will give more exposure to the blog posts that you have commented on and increase traffic to them. Some of the traffic will trickle down to you, making your comment more impactful.

Blog Commenting Ideas: Think Outside of the Box

Written by Julia on August 12th, 2011. Posted in Articles

You know a good link building is sometimes just a good marketing. Success of a link building campaign often depends on your creativity, quick wit, ability to think outside the box and search for new link building ideas.

Blog commenting is a great link building method and can give you a lot of links and targeted human traffic if your comments are valuable and informative. One of the ways to build links by leaving good comments is helping people who are seeking for a solution.

Fast Blog Finder

Written by Julia on August 4th, 2011. Posted in

“The Quickest…Easiest… and Most Precious Way
to Get Massive Direct Traffic and Do-Follow Back Links
to ANY Site of Your Choice – 100% Guaranteed!”


blog commenting software Introducing G-Lock Blog Finder – it’s the most complete software solution guaranteed to locate the blogs you want, in any niche, fast. It helps SEO firms and individuals compile a list of blogs you can leave comments on and build a ton of backlinks instantly!

You cannot create a wonderful site and pray that visitors (and earnings) flow like water. How will people know about your site? The answer is quite simple:

You need links from themed [aka niche-related] websites!

A related link is worth more weight than links coming from a non-related site. There are several ways to create backlinks to your website: social bookmarking, pay per click, adding the website URL to web directories, submitting articles to article directories.

Another FREE way to get backlinks is commenting on blogs and including the URL of your site. All you need to do is to leave a comment on related blogs and include some anchored text linking back to your site. The other advantage is that some of the pages that you comment on have high PageRank!

With that said, we’ve come up with G-Lock Blog Finder, amazing piece of software which enables you to search and identify the blogs according to the keyword you enter with just a few mouse clicks.



Here is what this 7-year SEO consultant says about our software…

I’ve been working as a self-employed online marketing and SEO consultant in Vienna for more than seven years. During this time, I’ve tried a lot of SEO software, but no other program delivers such enormous value for money as Blog Finder does: during the last couple of months, it saved me tons of time and what’s even more important: this is only SEO software I know which works great if you have to promote pages in different languages.

— Ritchie Pettauer

Read what other users say about Fast Blog Finder here

There’s no better way to find themed blogs and submit comments to them with our little tool. G-Lock  Blog Finder returns blogs on WordPress, Drupal, Nucleus, and B2evolution platforms.

When you start using G-Lock Blog Finder, you’ll get high ranking websites linking back to your websites quicker and easier than before – without spending a single dime on advertising or promotion!

Watch this video to learn about the new features added in the latest version of G-Lock Blog Finder and how you can use them to your advantage.



Here are just a few of the cool things you can do with our backlink building software once you put your hands on it:

  • get the most relevant blogs for your keywords by limiting the program to the top 10, 20 or 50 results from the search engine — this means you can dramatically increase search engines and targeted human traffic to your web site after your comment is approved
  • post comments on the blogs directly from the program — big time saver!
  • determine the blog type [DoFollow, NoFollow, MIXED] — you get more link juice by posting comments on DoFollow blogs. We found through extensive research and testing that none of our competitors offer the same accuracy on determining DoFollow blogs as G-Lock Blog Find does. G-Lock Blog Finder determines DoFollow blogs with 99% accuracy because it analyzes links in the comment area to determine the blog type unlike other similar tools which checks all the links on the page.
  • determine the domain PageRank and page PageRank of found blogs — you can post comments on blogs with a higher PR to get more precious links and boost your natural search engine rankings
  • auto-fill the comment form using the desired user profile — no need to manually type your name, website URL and email! Just select the profile from the menu to pre-fill the form.
  • get tips from Article Builder and use them as the basis for your comments — you save your time for comment writing!
  • check blogs for approved comments — within seconds you will know whether your comment is approved or not!
  • skip duplicate posts between search queries — you avoid posting the comment for the same post twice or more times which means you don’t act as a blog spammer in the eyes of the blog owner and have more chances to get your comment approved
  • skip duplicate domains — you get only unique results during one search.
  • skip posts where you must login or register to submit a comment — great time-saver if you don’t want to create an account on the blog
  • load your own lists of blogs — if you obtained blogs somewhere outside of the program, you can load them into G-Lock Blog Finder, determine their types and comment on best blogs.
  • use your custom footprints for search — you don’t limit yourself to blogs only! Using your custom footprints you can find ANY sites on ANY platform and use any backlinking opportunity you can think of.
  • submit the pages with your comments to social media sites — for extra traffic!
  • add domains to the blacklist — you automatically filter junk blogs and exclude them from search results

Follow these simple steps to build backlinks with G-Lock Blog Finder, quicker and easier than before:

  • type the keywords or a keyword phrase that you want to find blogs for and click “Start”.
  • when the search is complete, click on an URL. The page opens directly in G-Lock Blog Finder preview panel.
  • read the post,  write your comment and click “Submit”.
  • open the next blog and submit the next comment, etc.

To save your time, you can open multiple pages in different tabs. Hold down CTRL on the keyboard and click on the URLs. When you finished writing the comment on the first post, the next one is already loaded and waiting for you.

Use this tool without “tricking” the blog owners!

G-Lock Blog Finder is 100% Spam-free, search engine friendly blog commenting software. It does not make automated comments on blogs and we believe such tools should be never sold or promoted.

Because most blog owners moderate the comments to prevent SPAM we suggest you avoid personal or affiliate links in your blog commenting activities. Your comment will end up being deleted. Leave a meaningful comment only after reading the blog post.

What does “nofollow” tag mean and why should you care?

Likewise email spam, blog spamming became a serious problem. To protect from blog spamming, many webmasters implement a “nofollow” link tag. It is supposed to provide webmasters with the opportunity to add a link to their website without leaking PageRank to the page they are linking to. So, even though you can enter your website URL when you leave comments, it won’t be considered as a backlink.

But it doesn’t mean at all that you should not post a comment on a blog with a “nofollow” tag. Although such a blog page doesn’t leak you PR, you can still benefit from gaining a lot more traffic. A “nofollow” tag doesn’t prevent search engine spiders from visiting your link and the blog readers can also follow your link if they find your comment useful.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging

Written by Julia on April 21st, 2011. Posted in Articles

You've got a blog or website, added many quality posts to it and yet you find that your site is not as popular as you would want it to be. Quality content is surely important but it isn’t enough to increase your readers. People need to know that your blog exists. So, you need to promote your blog.

Shady Link Building Methods You Should Avoid

Written by Julia on April 15th, 2011. Posted in Articles

Building links is one of the important components of search engine optimization. Many marketers consider link building as a way to improve their websites ranking and drive traffic. There are many link building tactics out there. Some of them are aimed at building natural looking links that would produce long-term results. Other practices teach how to build many links in the shortest time and with fewer efforts. But such links can hurt a website in prospect.

When it comes to link building, not every link is counted as a vote for the website. Although the search engine is not a human, it uses the algorithm to discern good and bad backlinks. The search engine evaluates the websites links are coming from, anchor text, quantity of links appearing within a period of time and some other factors. If there is any doubt, the search engine can consider the links as spammy and lower the website in ranking.

So, whether you are just starting your link building campaign, or looking for new link building methods you've never used before, here is a good list of things Not To Do while optimizing your website:

How You Can Double Your Link Building Efforts

Written by Julia on March 26th, 2011. Posted in Articles

Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular as one of link building tactics. The comment author receives an extra link to his website or blog that favours the website exposure. And the blog owners are always happy to receive good comments – it's important for them to keep a lively interest to their posts.

Of course, a "DoFollow" backlink is a great reward for a valuable comment because it helps improve the search engine position. But the comment allows a reader have only one backlink and this link may have the commentator's name or nickname as the anchor text that doesn't mean much for search engines. 

So why not to reward the comment author with an extra link with more relevant keywords in the anchor text? This is an excellent way to promote the readers' websites and this can be done automatically with the use of a particular plug-in!

Double Your Search Traffic

Written by Julia on February 21st, 2011. Posted in Articles

If your website is already ranking in the top Google results for your profitable keywords, you can double your website listing and traffic by creating and ranking another similar web page. So, instead of just one listing in the search results Google will return two listings for your website.

Difference between Free and Gold Editions

Written by Julia on October 9th, 2010. Posted in

Fast Blog Finder Gold Edition Beats Free Version
by a Whopping 500% Increase in Do-Follow Back-Links!
See the amazing results of our TEST below…

I sometimes hear people saying on the forums how easy it is to find DoFollow blogs manually by using Google blog search. But what they don’t know yet is how many hours, programs like Fast Blog Finder can save them, and more importantly – enable them to get direct traffic and do-follow back links to ANY site of your choice. How much time is one spending on average to find, let’s say, a hundred of DoFollow blogs?

Stop the guess work! I did a recent test to demonstrate how Fast Blog Finder can make your life easier, save you countless hours of time, effort and energy so you can decide for yourself if this is the right “weapon” in your marketing arsenal, or not.

The keyword phrase I used for my comparative test is “make money online”.

How many blogs does the Free version discover for you?

Although the Free version of Fast Blog Finder is very limited in features, it is worth giving a try; just experience its power before you decide for the GOLD version which unlocks the full benefits of blog commenting and back-link generation.

Because we want ONLY our best and most responsive clients use this tool we limited the Free version as following:

– Returns only 50 blogs for each search (mostly NoFollow);
– “Load Blog List” option disabled;
– Domain blacklist disabled;
– “Skip duplicate posts between different search queries” option disabled;
– “Skip duplicate domains” option disabled.

However, per our test, I got these results for the “make money online” key term:

DoFollow – 13
NoFollow – 24
Unknown – 6
HTTP error – 1


Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

So, in the Free version there are 13 DoFollow blogs to leave comments on in the first place. And I can sort 24 NoFollow blogs by the Domain PR and Page PR and comment on the blogs with higher domain and page PR hoping to get a little more human traffic to my website.

Hint: To sort the blogs by more than one column, hold down Shift on the keyboard and click on the column heading.  

In addition, I have 6 blogs of the MIXED type. There is a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments on the blog. You can find the very best blogs for commenting among MIXED blogs. Some blogs of the MIXED type are set so that the commentator gets a DoFollow link after minimum 5 or 10 approved comments. So, only a few get the DoFollow link what makes those links extra valuable.

Hint: Did you notice the drop down menu in the Start button that allows you choose Top 10 Results, Top 20 Results or Top 50 Results? Using this menu you can limit the program to process only 10, 20 or 50 links from each search request in order to get the most relevant blogs for your keywords. Fast Blog Finder sends several requests to search engines for one keyword set and by default scans 100 links per page returned by the search engine. So, if you want to speed up the search process and get the most relevant results, choose Top 10, 20 or 50 results. For example, if you select Top 10 Results and run a search, you’ll get approximately 50-60 blogs for your keywords.

How many blogs does the Gold version retrieve for you?

Are you ready to see what the Gold edition can do for us? This version is guaranteed to save you countless hours of your time, effort and energy. Forget about manual blog research. Let our tool do its magic in the background while you work on your business, or spend time with your family.

It is like an instant jump in the pros league!

The Gold edition of Fast Blog Finder has no limitations on the quantity of blogs it returns. It will show you all the blogs that the search engine returns for your keywords.

Plus, you can indicate yourself the quantity of pages to fetch from the search engine. I used the default parameter – 3 pages.

Well, for my test keywords “make money online” keyword test the Gold version returned 2440 blogs where:

DoFollow – 674
NoFollow – 1375
MIXED – 275
Unknown – 98
HTTP error  – 18

Here is the visual proof.

Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

Can you see the difference now? I have 674 DoFollow blogs in the Gold edition against 13 DoFollow blogs in the Free version. It is like I’m getting 50x times more blogs, in an instant!

Plus, I have 1375 NoFollow blogs in the Gold edition. Those which have higher PR are worth to comment on too. Imagine the possibilities!

And 275 MIXED blogs in the Gold edition against 6 MIXED blogs returned by the Free edition is a marked difference.

As to Unknown blogs, if the blog doesn’t have any comments on the latest 10 posts, Fast Blog Finder classifies it as Unknown. In most cases these are abandoned, not supported anymore or simply crappy blogs. But sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a few gems among Unknown blogs. So, you’ll see whether the blog is DoFollow or NoFollow only after your comment is posted on the blog.

But that’s not all! Here comes the best part:

Fast Blog Finder Gold edition provides you with a couple of additional features that are disabled in the Free version…when you upgrade to GOLD you’ll be instantly able to… 

  • Exclude duplicate posts between different searches. If you run multiples searches for similar keywords and do not want the same posts to show in multiple lists, just go to the program settings and check the “Skip duplicate posts between different search queries” option. This way you’ll get unique results for each search query, without manual work!
  • Add domains to the blacklist to exclude them from the search results. If you found any crappy blogs, you can add the domains to the blacklist and Fast Blog Finder will not show those blogs anymore. The domains are saved to a text file. You can open the text file (blacklist) and edit/delete the domains. It is a fun way to “manipulate” Google results!
  • And what’s even more important is that you can import your own list of blogs using Fast Blog Finder Gold edition, determine the blog type and post comments on those blogs.

We found through extensive research and testing that none of our competitors offer the same highly sought-after benefits and features as Fast Blog Find GOLD version does!

Still not convinced? Read the users’ comments below the post. Or, jump in the pros league instantly:

Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

Top 10 Funniest Creative Website Promotion Tips

Written by Julia on June 24th, 2010. Posted in Humour

The Internet is full of link building, website promotion and SEO tips. What if we shake things up a little and talk about the way to promote your website which is not being used by many others and which is your own invention. We'd like to present you the most funniest website promotion tips that we collected on the Internet. So, let your quick wits and ingenuity work to the fullest and imagine what you could do to make your website as popular as possible. Are you ready for the most daring and extravagant deeds? If yes, so let's go: