Top 10 Funniest Creative Website Promotion Tips

Written by Julia. Posted in Humour

The Internet is full of link building, website promotion and SEO tips. What if we shake things up a little and talk about the way to promote your website which is not being used by many others and which is your own invention. We'd like to present you the most funniest website promotion tips that we collected on the Internet. So, let your quick wits and ingenuity work to the fullest and imagine what you could do to make your website as popular as possible. Are you ready for the most daring and extravagant deeds? If yes, so let's go:


  • Give your link to millions of schoolchildren around the world. Let each of them create a little webpage with your link at the bottom. Sit back and enjoy all that lovely linkage.
  • Get a T-shirt with your site URL printed on it, hang out at local festivals with that shirt on, and look for the news van. Hang out behind the reporters while they are on camera.
  • Mail T-shirts with your URL on them to people around the country. Hunt those people down and kill them when they wear your shirt. This will put your link as a national headline – "The Killer Strikes Again!" (And don't forget to put the T-shirt on when you get arrested!)
  • Post complete crap about Google or some other monster on your site and then watch all the links pour in as people call you an idiot.
  • Have sex with anyone popular, put it on video and place it on your website. I'm sure you will get tons of links.
  • Steal flags off flagpoles outside important buildings and schools, and replace them with flags carrying your URL. It will get on the news.
  • Write your URL on your back with a black marker and run around naked on a soccer field during half time. Ah… this should not work for colored people. They can use a white marker, right?
  • Get Angelina Jolie to name her next baby after your site.
  • Pretend to rob a bank (as part of a film shooting), put a T-shirt with your URL printed on and call local television before you start acting.
  • Donate hundreds of attractive and comfortable T-shirts with your URL printed on to the homeless. You will get links because you actually helped someone else in the process of promoting your site.

  Do you have more ideas? You are welcome to post your own fantastic and funniest website promotion tips here.



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