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— Brandon Olson
Orange County SEO


Kai NiekammerBefore I used the Fast Blog Finder to find relevant blogs, it was very time-killing to find them for submitting comments, to gain good backlinks. Because we all know, that relevant Backlinks are the secret of a top position in the google search results. Fast Blog Finder made my job much easier, because it finds top blogs for my keywords, where i can submit comments to get highly rated backlinks that influence my google-positions in a good way. I want miss Fast Blog Finder ever again. I tried out so much software, but they never reach the advantages of Fast Blog Finder.

Kai Niekammer

Fast Blog finder is fast, and even more so … accurate! We learned that it comes down to searching for the right words; adding 1 single word with the keyword, a word which would only appear in blog's that are actually about the keyword, filters out most of the blog’s that are not about the keyword, but just happen to have the word on their page. That’s a little trick you need to learn yourself, but anything else fast blog finder will do for you! Thanks to fast blog finder blog comment postings has become our most effective link-building technique, because we don’t have to lose hours and hours anymore searching for good blog’s, now we can spend all our time posting comments. And with the huge list of blog we get from fast blog finder, we can be selective, only post in top-PR blog’s and search for other related keywords. This is really an incredible great tool!

— Michiel Van Kets

Hi Fast Blog Finder team, I just want to say what a great piece of software it is you have here. I myself am an SEO Consultant of 6 years + and I have used many pieces of software in the past similar to this. None of which have been as simple to use, as efficient, or as effective as the Fast Blog Finder software is. I use fast blog finder on all of my clients search engine optimisation campaigns, and the quality of links and the traffic that is received from them is of the highest order. If any fellow industry professionals asked me about the program, I would recommend it without hesitation.

— Wes McDermott

I have had this software for about 2 weeks. I have been submitting articles and blog commenting with this software only. I just checked yahoo site explorer, to see what is actually indexed & guess what? My comments are there! Simple, effective, & high P/R comments on the fly, my site is doing very well, I am very thankful for your software!

— Jennifer Bright

I would like to give you props for the amazing software and the awesome support. All my questions were answered quickly. I love the software and can't believe I was able to manage without it!! I'm going to post about it in the webmaster forums where I am a member after I am done building a library of blog pages for myself lol.. haha. Dont want people to saturate my method. I use it to check the type of LARGE LISTS OF BLOGS. I harvest blogs using Scrapebox, check their page rank and then load them into FBL to determine which ones are dofollow.

— Anas Azam

We are happy with Blog Finder, it serves its purpose well and does what it says on the tin. A proportion of the blog results found tend not be 100% on topic with keywords we use, this is understandable as we realise that the keyword will appear on the page somewhere in the results, but maybe not as often as we would like.

— Steve Feeney

I purchased the software to find blogs in various niches for the purposes of backlinking.  I only comment on "dofollow" blogs. It would be SUPER to have the software also find "dofollow" forums and Social Bookmarking directories. The software is great and well worth the money. Thanks!!!

— Scott Stacey

I think the Blogfinder is a great tool so far. Very helpful to find Page Rank blogs.

— Daniel Plaikner

I hoped to find more Do-Follow Blogs. This is not so easy in Germany because Webmasters love the No-Follow tag. I tested the Gold Version now for two days and it seems to work for me. Thank you for the great Software.

— Mathias Leven

It's great program and has been quite useful to me when doing link building.

— Sami Laakkonen

Even though I have only tried it out a few times since purchasing it it seems to be capable of finding far more blogs far quicker than I could alone, so is worth purchasing by anyone.

— Paul Friar

It's the best blog finder around with decent commenting ability.

— Dhan

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  • July 11, 2010 at 14:27 |

    I have used the free version for two days. My question is I get maybe one or two PR sites 1 or higher for my 50 site keyword phrases. If I purchase the gold version will I see and filter more PR sites or will I simply get more 0 PR sites. Will I see approximate the same percentage of PR, and do follow sites with a larger range of sites with the gold version?

    Anyone with gold care to comment?


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