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You can now safely and securely order our G-Lock Blog Finder software and try the GOLD version for 60 days at our sole risk! Click on the [Secure Checkout]
button to place an order and choose a payment option (Credit
Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax –
Credit Card, Purchase Order, Invoice, etc) on the ordering page.


Please take special care to enter your primary email address correctly. We highly recommend you to AVOID using free e-mail addresses from yahoo.com, usa.net, hotmail.com, etc. because it will delay the processing of your order.

Upon order completion, your license and registration key will be sent via email – no software will be shipped, unless you opt for a backup CD for additional $9.95. You can download the Free edition of Blog Finder before or after you complete the purchase process.

Bank/Wire Transfer

Although Online Order is preferable, we accept several other types of payment: Phone, Wire Transfer, Mail and Invoices / Purchase orders. Secure Payments are guaranteed.

As an alternate form of payment to credit cards, you can pay for their order using a bank-to-bank wire transfer. Wire transfers are especially useful in countries where credit cards are not widely available or used. This payment method is available on the online order form by accessing the drop down box next to “Payment Method”. After submitting an order with “Bank/Wire Transfer” chosen as the payment method, the customer will receive instructions on submitting their wire transfer to one of our banks. Depending on the country the customer is in, the process by which they will actually pay for their wire transfer order varies.

Purchase Order

After submitting an order with “Purchase Order” chosen as the payment method, you will immediately receive instructions for remitting their official company Purchase Order to us by fax or postal mail and they will be instructed to include the order number on their Purchase Order. Credit references may be requested. When our accounting department receives the customer’s official company Purchase Order they will review it. If the Purchase Order is accepted then the order will be finalized (set to completed) and the customer will be sent an invoice by our accounting department.

If you’ve made a payment, but have not received a confirmation letter with your serial number (registration code) within a reasonable amount of time (one business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays.

* G-LOCK programs is licensed on a “per-computer” basis. This means that you must purchase a license for each separate computer that it will be installed or used on, regardless of the number of people using the computers. If you wish to run multiple copies of programs, a site license is required.