version 3.5.5, March 3, 2014 

Fixed: captcha from Google did not show.
Fixed: return of sites by the Yahoo search engine.

version 3.5.3, February 20, 2014 

Current component update.

version 3.5.2, February 13, 2013 

Fixed: links to ArticleBuilder in the Settings.

version 3.5.1, October 16, 2012 

Added: ability to work on virtual PC.
Fixed and improved the internal search engine. 

version 3.5.0, October 3, 2012

Added: integration with ArticleBuilder, rich database of quality articles and tips, that you can use as the basis for your comments.
Added: vertical layout for wide-screen monitors.
Added: ability to select the region the results should come from.
Added: ability to fill in the comment form from the popup menu if the form is not filled in automatically.

version 3.2.3, March 21, 2012

Fixed: Adding domains to the blacklist.

version 3.2.2, January 31, 2012

Fixed: “Access violation” error during the determination of the type of some blogs.

version 3.2, January 26, 2012

Added: “Use custom footprints from text file” option to the Settings.
Added: “Skip duplicate domains” option to the Settings.
Added: “Time range:” menu.
Added: ability to determine and show the engine the blog is powered by [the “Engine” column].
Added: ability to show the page title [the “Title” column].

version 3.1, October 17, 2011

Added: “Return blogs from Yahoo (in addition to Google)” option to the settings.
Added: ability to copy/move blogs from one list to another.
Fixed: PageRank determination.

version 3.0.2, January 8, 2010

Fixed: blog search did not work correctly with the languages which included non-English characters.
A few improvements in the search engine.

version 3.0.1, December 22, 2009

Added: “Pause” button to the toolbar.
Fixed: the program gave the “Access violation…” error if you ran the “Detect Type” option after the search was complete.
Fixed: the “Detect PR for DoFollow blogs only” option in the Settings did not work.
Fixed: if you clicked on the “Check my Comments” option, the program redirected you to the “Proxy” tab in the Settings instead of “My Domains”.

version 3.0, December 10, 2009

Added: drop down menu to the Start button where you can choose to scan only the top 10, 20 or 50 links returned for each search request.
Added: new blog type called “MIXED”.
Added: “Check My Comments” option that allows check blogs for approved comments.
Added: form auto-fill option.
Added: “Report Wrong Blog Type” option.
Added: quick search option.
Added: “Skip blogs where you must login or register to post comments” option to the Settings.
Added: ability to indicate the number of blogs the program will process at a time in the Settings.
Added: two new blog platforms are included into the search results.

Older versions skipped.