Building Links through Blog Comments

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Relevance and Link Popularity are two main things we take into account when building links to our website. This means that we are looking for web pages that are relevant to the theme of our site and have high link popularity. Where is the best place to find those pages? Social Networks.

You can visit most popular bookmark sites, for example, and use their search to find what you want. You can enter the keywords like "link building" and the search will show you a lot of blogs related to your keywords. Select the blogs which do not have NoFollow tags.

Then sort the blogs by the most diggs. You’ll get a page filled with stories that have been made popular based on the topic you’re looking for and chances are they’ll all have hundreds (if not thousands) of inbound links to that particular page alone.

You open a blog that has more diggs and see if it is the one you can leave a comment on. When you submit a comment on other people's blog, you are usually asked to provide your name, email address, URL and comment text itself. Did you catch the idea? Yes, you use your keyword anchor text as your name. When your comment is posted, your URL is attached to the text you entered in the "Name" field and voila… you have one more backlink to your website. For example, instead of typing "Julia" as your name, type "Directory Submission Software", or whatever your site's top keywords are.

And… be sure to write something useful in the comment section, so it doesn't look like 100% spam. Post a comment only if you have something of value to add to the discussion and not just to get links. Your comment will be pending for approval and blog owners are much more likely to approve your comment if it is relevant. Remember, the only cost of your new backlink is a comment. So, take a few moments to write a meaningful comment. Note that you may not insert any links into the text of your comment because you already have a link in your name.

The key thing is to add a good comment. Most webmasters understand that people make their "name" something relevant to their site and they do not begrudge them a link if their comment adds to the content/discussion on their site. You can read the comments which are already posted by others and follow suite.

Many blog owners don't like to see keyword links in the comment "Name" field and will promptly delete the comments. Thus, you can use something like "Julia – Directory Submitter" as your name. That way it's still personal, but you get your keywords in the link. Other blog owners may not like the link in the name and will remove it.

The lesson here is that you can get quality inbound links from blogs if you're willing to do the work. Do not forget to visit every blog you posted your comment on and check if the comment was approved and if everything is in place (your name and link). This way you will discover the blogs where your comments are worth posting.

Searching for related blogs on the Internet is time consuming and can take hours. With Fast Blog Finder you can reduce to minimum your time for finding themed blogs and submitting comments to them. Blog Finder searches for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them. With Blog Finder it takes just a few minutes to submit a couple of comments.

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