Blog Commenting Ideas: Think Outside of the Box

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You know a good link building is sometimes just a good marketing. Success of a link building campaign often depends on your creativity, quick wit, ability to think outside the box and search for new link building ideas.

Blog commenting is a great link building method and can give you a lot of links and targeted human traffic if your comments are valuable and informative. One of the ways to build links by leaving good comments is helping people who are seeking for a solution.

In the articles people often describe how to solve certain problems. The readers can ask for help in the comments. If you are good at the specific area, here is a good opportunity for you to make a show of your wit in the comment and get a link back to your website. By helping others not only obtain you one more link, you also establish yourself as an expert in your market niche. If you provide a viable solution in the comment, more readers are likely to click on your link and come to your website.

It's quite easy to search for blogs where people are asking for help using Fast Blog Finder Gold Edition. You just enter the words or phrases that people use when asking for a solution and run a search, for example:

"how to"
"how can I"
"is there a fix"

To find the blogs relevant to your niche, add your keywords, for example:

"how to" +"keyword phrase"
"problem" +keyword

To search for the "help" words in the post title, add intitle: to your search query:

intitle:"how to" "keywords"
intitle:"how can I" "keywords"
intitle:"tutorial" "keywords"

You can even indicate the quantity of comments and search for the blog posts where a discussion is already open

intitle:"problem" +keyword +"1 comment"
"tutorial" +keyword +"2 comments"

Read the articles on found blogs and especially read comments posted by other readers. If the post deals with one side of the question, people may ask related questions in the comments. If you have something to add, enhance on the post subject, or write about the solution you found that is not addressed in the post. You can even reply to a particular commenter and there is a chance he or she will come to your website for more information.

Your success in link building depends on how your idea is different and worthwhile. Try to do something that others don't think of. Good link building is a combination of research, creativity, and knowledge. It's about helping other people, solving problems and thinking outside the box. None of automatic submission tools can post a comment which would provide help and solution to people when they are asking for assistance. And absolutely none of automatic black hat tools can write a comment better than a live person does it.

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