The Art of Blog Commenting

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Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It's the best way to tell your opinion about the blog post you read, add something that was not covered in the post, and discuss the post with other readers. In addition, by sharing your thoughts, you get backlinks and traffic to your website because you provide your name and URL. However, blog commenting is not only used for getting traffic but also for various other reasons. So, let me show you top 5 reasons why you should comment on blogs:The Art of Blog Commenting

  • Backlinks. As I wrote above, you must provide the URL to your site when you're submitting a comment. The URL is linked to your name when the comment is approved. So, blog commenting is a great way of getting inbound links to your website and we all know how important backlinks for search engines are.
  • Traffic to your website. You can get quality traffic if you leave a good comment. Other people can read your comment too and if they like it, they can follow your URL to find out more.
  • Popularity. Blog commenting is also a great way to make your name recognizable by many other bloggers across the word. You get popularity and your website gets it too. Again, if your comment is valuable, the chances of getting popular among other bloggers are more.
  • More comments on your blog. If you take time to write valuable comments on other blogs, then you will receive valuable comments in your own blog (if you have one). Believe it or not, number of comments you make on other blogs is directly proportional to the number of comments you get in your blog.
  • Improve relationship with the blog owner. By commenting on other blogs, you can improve relationship with the blog author. Once you get yourself known to the author, you can send an email to them saying a HI or appreciating their new post.

Remember that blog commenting is really worth if you make valuable comments. It is better to post 10 valuable comments than 30 nonsense ones.

How do you write your comments? You'll want to follow these rules to have your comment approved:

  • Be polite towards the post author and readers. Always share your opinion in a polite way. It doesn't mean at all that you cannot disagree with the author. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing. But you should write your comment with the best intentions. If you aren't able to be positive, then just don't comment. Remember that the author should always be considered the winner of any debate unless they are blatantly wrong.
  • Use a language that everyone could easily understand. Write the comment as if you were speaking to the post author but don't be too familiar. By writing comments in a normal "human" language, you show yourself as a reputable blogger.
  • Check the spelling of your comment. Before you click Submit, don't be lazy to proof read your comment for grammatical errors. Do not submit comments filled with spelling errors and bad grammar.
  • Include relevant links only. Do not put links into the comment unless they are relevant to the post you're commenting on.
  • Show your stance on the post. Always make a comment that you found the article good, interesting, loved it, or some other nice phrase.

…and finally the most important rule

  • Only comment if you can contribute to the discussion. Just don't say "Good post". Be sure to write something useful in the comment section, so it doesn't look like 100% spam. Post a comment only if you have something of value to add to the discussion and not just to get links. A thought provoking comment or at least a meaningful comment will get you more traffic than the two word comments.

Also, do share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

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