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Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular as one of link building tactics. The comment author receives an extra link to his website or blog that favours the website exposure. And the blog owners are always happy to receive good comments – it's important for them to keep a lively interest to their posts.

Of course, a "DoFollow" backlink is a great reward for a valuable comment because it helps improve the search engine position. But the comment allows a reader have only one backlink and this link may have the commentator's name or nickname as the anchor text that doesn't mean much for search engines. 

So why not to reward the comment author with an extra link with more relevant keywords in the anchor text? This is an excellent way to promote the readers' websites and this can be done automatically with the use of a particular plug-in!

I'm talking about CommentLuv. The CommentLuv is a plugin for WordPress that will visit the RSS feed of the blog address the reader provided in the URL field, attempt to find the last post the reader made and display it under the comment giving the reader a great internal backlink to his/her website!


Now many WordPress blogs are applying the CommentLuv plugin. The bloggers understand that it gives the readers an extra incentive to leave a comment, encourages people to add to the conversation by giving something back right away.

For the reader commenting on a blog that uses the CommentLuv plugin is great for the following reasons:

  • Second link to the website/blog. CommentLuv gives you an additional link, which is more advantageous than the link provided in the URL field because it has the post title as the anchor text. If you use your keywords in the post title, it will help you to rank well in the search engine results for those keywords.
  • More traffic and readership. When people look through the comments, they can see the titles of other commenters' latest posts. If the title looks interesting, there’s a good chance they will visit your site and read the post. Some of those readers can become your subscribers or buyers.
  • Help with PageRank and search engine results ranking. If the blog using the CommentLuv plugin is a "DoFollow blog", the link to your last post provided by CommentLuv will also be "DoFollow". So, not only will it send the readers to your website or blog, it will also pass you some PageRank.

These advantages are really extra incentives to leave a comment, aren't they?

How to search for blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin

 You may be wondering how to find relevant blogs with the CommentLuv plugin enabled on which to comment on. The answer is simple – use Fast Blog Finder or Google and type the search query like below replacing "your keywords" with your real keywords:

"Enable CommentLuv" +"your keywords"

By adding your keywords at the end of the search query, you will reduce the large quantity of blogs to blogs relevant to your niche. You can also use some of these search options to narrow and refine your search results.

For example, if I want to find the blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin and are relevant to the "Internet marketing" keywords, I type in the Blog Finder Gold Edition:

"Enable CommentLuv" +"Internet marketing"

By the time of writing this article I found 127 blogs with CommentLuv enabled for the "Internet marketing" keywords. 39 from these blogs were "DoFollow" and 74 "NoFollow".  

Well, I get at least 39 blogs where I can comment on. It's assumed that my comments are not spam, so I can hope to get 78 "DoFollow" links to my blog (because one comment will have two links: one for the anchor text in the Name field and the second one – a deep link to the latest post on my blog)! And we all know how valuable "DoFollow" links are. Just a couple of them can considerably improve your website ranking in search engines.

Of course, I gave a single niche example but you got the idea. Now you can change your primary keywords to your secondary keyword set and find one more hundred or two of blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin and are worth to comment on.

Few tips from me:

  • If you are going to comment on blogs with CommentLuv, make sure your blog posts have appealing titles including your target keywords. Not only will good titles attract the readers prompting them to click on your link, they will also help you rank well for your keywords.
  • If you use Feedburner on your blog,  you'll get a redirection link to your last post instead of the direct link to the article on your blog. You can read here how to disable the redirect.

Please, share your thoughts in comments.

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