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If your website is already ranking in the top Google results for your profitable keywords, you can double your website listing and traffic by creating and ranking another similar web page. So, instead of just one listing in the search results Google will return two listings for your website.

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To get that second page listed within the Google results, link to it heavily from other pages of your website. Google will automatically attach it as an indented result next to your first listing. See an example of a double website listing below.

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If internal links do not help the new page rank in the search engine, you may need to build links to it from external sites as well.

When it comes to link building, traditional link building methods such as directory submission, article submission, press releases, reciprocal linking, blog commenting and some other are great. That's what almost all webmasters do for solid long-term results.

But sometimes when you're at the beginning of your link building campaign, you may want to quickly get a couple of quality "DoFollow" links. With all that said, I'd like to share with you a couple of quick "DoFollow" link building opportunities for your new web page:

  • Post on educational blogs. You can search for blogs set up on trusted academic domains and leave a relevant comment. Many of those blogs may be NoFollow but not all. You can enter a search query like below into Fast Blog Finder Gold Edition to search for .edu blogs in your niche. Then filter the blogs by the Type to show only DoFollow links and read the posts. If you feel you can add something to the conversation, leave your comment to get a DoFollow link in return.

Example:"some keywords" inurl:".edu"

  • Setup a profile on Twitter. In your profile settings you can type a couple of links into the Bio field, for example,,, etc. Note that if you only setup an account, that will do no good. But if you are an active user, those links may send some traffic to your website and give some SEO benefit.
  • Use DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites. There are a number of social bookmarking sites where the links located on the first page are "DoFollow". You can start with less popular websites that require fewer votes to get to the front page.

Here are some of "DoFollow" social bookmarking sites:

Furl (PR7)
Backflip (PR6)
Bibsonomy (PR6)
LinkaGoGo (PR6)
Raw Sugar (PR6)
Spurl (PR6)
Buddy Marks (PR5)
Jumptags (PR5)
MyJeeves / Ask (PR5)

You place the "Bookmark It" button on your website or blog. By clicking just one button your readers will be able to vote for your website in dozens of social bookmarking sites.

Note that these tricky tactics cannot compete with general link building methods and I do not want you to focus on them as your primary methods to get links. I just want you to keep them in mind as unconventional link building ideas that sometimes may be helpful to kick start your link building process.

Please, share your thoughts in comments.

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