Building Links is Like Shaving: If You Don’t Do It Every Day You Look Like a Bum

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This is a guest post by Terry Mickelson founder of Page Views, Inc.

For years, you have probably had a daily routine for shaving. But have you developed a system of building links?

No one pops out of bed each morning and races to the sink to shave. It is a tedious and potentially dangerous daily necessity. But without a daily shave, our appearance begins to get a little shabby. Linking is the same way.

Rare is the webmaster who jumps out of bed, races to his/her computer excited to find inbound links. Yet, no matter how optimized a site is, without inbound links it is never going to be found in the search engine results pages. Even established sites that buy traffic but don’t have something the visitors find worth while to link to are in the same boat.

Chances are good that you are like most people who build a few links here and there, but don't really have an overall link building strategy.

When it comes to shaving you can almost automate the process by using an electric razor. Of course the shave is not as good as using a blade. Building links using an automated system is not as good as getting links manually either. No automated system can generate quality naturally built links that are on topic, vary the text, vary the source of the links or incorporate the dynamic aspects of social media. 

There are also dangers involved in both shaving and linking. You would never think about taking an electric razor that’s plugged into an electrical outlet, into the shower. But you may not even know the dangers of linking to bad sites or what can happen when you try building your link base by cutting corners. Links to the wrong sites, using only one technique like reciprocal links, building links too quickly or getting caught buying links – can do damage to your sites reputation with the search engines. 

Although there are new technologies like waterproof, electric razors that give a good shave, the best shave still comes from a hot towel and a straight razor in a professional's hand. This is also true about links. There are auto submission sites for articles, mass social book marking tools, link farms and link exchanges. But the best link base a site can have is consistently built one link at a time by people who understand their industry, their business, their customers and make common sense decisions about how and where to get links.

A good link building strategy involves two things. Time and consistency. The more time you consistently put into generating links and cultivating relationships on line the better off your site will be in the long run.

Here are ten steps to get you started.

  • Buy a listing in a couple of the best directories. Yahoo, (B2B sites only), Best of the web and submit to DMOZ. This will cost you almost $600.00 but you will gain at least 10 permanent links spread out over several domains.
  • Search Google for the top 100 ranking sites for your most important keyword. Do some research and create an article that you can offer in trade for a link. Get a link even if you have to buy it. If you do have to buy a link deal directly with the web site and not from a link broker. Google has been cracking down on sites that buy/sell links. Work this strategy and set a goal of getting one new link this way per week.
  • Create a blog and create links from your posts back to your site. Try to post 2-3 times each week.
  • Submit your blog to Blog directories like, ($34.95 to add your blog) etc. Google “blog directory” for more places to submit to.
  • Write and submit an article to a couple of the major article directories. Start with, and Google “article directory” for more places to submit to.
  • Find something exciting about your business to write about. Write a press release and send it out through Spend at least $220.00 and you will get at least 2 links but more than likely 10’s if not hundreds.
  • Create a profile at In the field "websites" use the search term that you want your site to be found under instead of the default “my website” You can add up to three links.
  • Set up a lens at Your lens will allow you to create links to your profiles and sites.
  • Every time you establish a new link set a social book mark to the page it is on. There are hundreds of social book marking sites. Start with,, and Google "social bookmarks" for more. Spend some time searching for people to connect with.
  • Ask everyone you are connected with at to comment on your latest blog post.

The daily ritual of shaving only takes a few minutes each day. Linking will eat up as much time as you will dedicate to it. But if you skip shaving or link building for very long you will start to look like a bum.

The guest post is provided by Terry Mickelson, founder of Page Views, Inc., one of the foremost search engine optimization companies specializing in B2B search engine optimization and link building programs. For further information as well as a free ranking report on your website, contact Terry Mickelson at 480-556-9752 or email

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