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Blog Commenting Ideas: Think Outside of the Box

Written by Julia on August 12th, 2011. Posted in Articles

You know a good link building is sometimes just a good marketing. Success of a link building campaign often depends on your creativity, quick wit, ability to think outside the box and search for new link building ideas.

Blog commenting is a great link building method and can give you a lot of links and targeted human traffic if your comments are valuable and informative. One of the ways to build links by leaving good comments is helping people who are seeking for a solution.

Fast Blog Finder v3: New Features, Capabilities and Improvements

Written by Julia on May 21st, 2011. Posted in

The version 3 of Fast Blog Finder has a couple of new options and features that can definitely help you improve the search results and make your use of the program more effective. In this post I'll examine each new feature more closely.

Finds More Blogs and Determines Blog Type More Accurately

Fast Blog Finder v3 has a new engine which recognizes new blog platforms and finds much more blogs than the previous version. See Fast Blog Finder v2.6 vs. v3.0: Live Test. When developing the v3.0 we spent many hours for manually verifying hundreds of blogs to ensure that the program determined the blog type correctly. And it's fair to say that Fast Blog Finder v3 is 99% accurate in determining the blog type.

To find that 1% of incorrectly determined blogs, we added the "Report Wrong Blog Type" option to the program. Using this option you can send us the URL of the blog that was determined incorrectly by Fast Blog Finder. We'll check it out and make improvements in the program engine. When a new version of the checking engine is available, Fast Blog Finder will download it automatically when you open the program. You won't need to re-download and re-install the entire program. Fast Blog Finder will update the checking engine automatically every time a new version of it is available.

report wrong blog type

In addition, Fast Blog Finder v3 recognizes the new blog typeMIXED. These are blogs that have both DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments. Some blogs are set so that the commentator gets a DoFollow link after minimum 5 or 10 approved comments. So, there is a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments on the blog. The earlier versions of Fast Blog Finder classified blogs with DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments as NoFollow.

blog type

Returns Most Relevant Blogs for Your Keywords

By default Fast Blog Finder takes 3 pages with 100 links per page from the search engine and scans them for blogs. In the v3 you can limit the program to the top 10, 20 or 50 results from the search engine.

For example, if you select Top 10 Results from the Start menu, the program will scan the top 10 links returned by the search engine for your keywords. Since Fast Blog Finder v3 sends several requests with different footprints for your keywords, you will get approximately 50-60 blogs in the result. Using this option you can save your time for the search process and get the most relevant blogs for your keywords.


Automatically Fills in the Comment Form

With the new AutoFill option in the v3 you can fill in the comment form on the blog with two mouse clicks. Just create a profile with your name, email, URL and signature and click AutoFill when you want to submit a comment.

And what is nice is that you can create multiple profiles with different names, email addresses, links and signatures for different niches and choose the desired profile from the AutoFill menu when you want to post a comment. If you check the "Set as Default" option for the profile, the default profile is loaded automatically when you click on AutoFill button. If you want to choose any other profile, click a down arrow in the AutoFill button and choose the desired profile from the menu.


Checks Blogs for Approved Comments

A cool feature that saves your time greatly as you don't need to open each page and check if your comment is posted or not. Fast Blog Finder v3 will check it for you. All you need to do is:

1. Go to the program settings, click on My Domains tab and type the domains you used to post comments, for example:

2. Select the list where you want to check the blogs for your comments

3. Click on "Check my Comments" option on the toolbar and select the blogs (all or selected).

If your comment is approved and posted, you'll see either a green or red icon in the Approved field for the blog.

A green icon means that your comment is approved and has a DoFollow link inside. A red icon means the comment is posted with a NoFollow link inside.

And the Status bar will show you the total of approved comments.

check for comments

Note: if you have more than one comment on the page and the links in the comments differ by type, the program will take the first link it finds and put the respective icon in the Approved column based on the first link type. For example, if the first link the program finds is DoFollow, you'll see a green icon in the Approved column.

Detects Domain PageRank and Page PageRank on Your Choice

The earlier versions of Fast Blog Finder detected PageRank automatically during the search process. Or, you could set the program to detect PageRank for DoFollow blogs only.

Fast Blog Finder v3 has the enhanced "Detect PageRank" option.

If you want to speed up the search process and avoid being blocked by Google, you can disable PageRank detection during the search. Or, you can enable the PageRank detection for DoFollow blogs only as before.

If you did not request PageRank during the search, you can do it after the search process is complete. You can select the blogs you like more and detect PageRank for selected blogs only. Or, you can run Fast Blog Finder to detect PageRank for all blogs.


Quickly Finds a Link Within the List

In the new 3 version of Fast Blog Finder we added a quick search option. If you need to find a link within the list, start typing the URL in the search field. The program will display the links that satisfy the search criteria.

This is also a quick way to filter the blogs and search for top level domain names (.gov, .edu, .net, .com, .org, etc.). Below the grid you will see how many blogs were found by your search criteria. To cancel the filter, click Clear.


Processes Multiple Blogs At a Time

Now you can define yourself how many blogs Fast Blog Finder will scan at a time to determine the blog type and PageRank. By default the program is set to process 15 blogs at a time. You can decrease or increase this value in the settings. Note that if you set more than 15 blogs, the program will work faster but you may get more HTTP errors. 15 blogs at a time is the optimal value.

Skips Blogs Where You Must Login or Register

There are some blogs where you must login or register before you can submit a comment. With Fast Blog Finder v3 you can exclude such blogs from the search results if you don't want to spend time for filling in the login/register form on the blog. Just go to the program settings and check the "Skip blogs where you must login or register to post comments" option.


Uses HTTP Proxy Server

Fast Blog Finder v3 can find a few times more blogs than the previous versions. Because of the increased quantity of blogs the version 3 operates with, the quantity of requests for PageRank grows too. Our test shows that Google allows about 2000 requests for PageRank from one IP address. After ~2000 requests Google blocks the IP address for a few hours and doesn't return the PageRank. The program continues searching for blogs but PageRank is not determined.

You can look at the indicator at the right bottom corner of Fast Blog Finder window. When it is green, Fast Blog Finder searches for blogs and determines PageRank. When the indicator becomes red, it tells you that the program stopped sending the requests for PageRank in order not to flood Google with useless requests. 

As a workaround, you can do the following:

1. Use a proxy server in Fast Blog Finder

Go to the Tools menu and click Settings.

Click on the Proxy tab in the Settings.

Here are the options you have:

Use HTTP Proxy Server to search for blogs, determine PR and browse blogs

If you check this option, you can use a HTTP proxy server to search for blogs, determine Domain PR, Page PR, and browse found blogs. Be sure to enter the proxy server, port, your user name and password for the proxy server (if required).

Use proxy server only for blog search and PR detection

If you check this option, the HTTP proxy server will be used to search for blogs and determine PR only. When you browse found blogs, the proxy server will not be used.


2. Disable PageRank detection during the search

Go to the Settings (General tab) and uncheck the "Detect Domain and Page RageRank" option. After the search is complete, you can select the blogs you like more and detect PageRank for selected blogs only using the Detect PageRank menu.

3. Set the program to determine PageRank for "DoFollow" blogs only

Go to the Settings (General tab), check the "Detect Domain and Page RageRank" option and then check the "Detect Domain and Page PR for DoFollow blogs only" option.

Note: if you need the PR for the blogs of all types, consider using a proxy server and change the proxy server when the indicator becomes red.

How You Can Double Your Link Building Efforts

Written by Julia on March 26th, 2011. Posted in Articles

Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular as one of link building tactics. The comment author receives an extra link to his website or blog that favours the website exposure. And the blog owners are always happy to receive good comments – it's important for them to keep a lively interest to their posts.

Of course, a "DoFollow" backlink is a great reward for a valuable comment because it helps improve the search engine position. But the comment allows a reader have only one backlink and this link may have the commentator's name or nickname as the anchor text that doesn't mean much for search engines. 

So why not to reward the comment author with an extra link with more relevant keywords in the anchor text? This is an excellent way to promote the readers' websites and this can be done automatically with the use of a particular plug-in!

The Art of Blog Commenting

Written by Julia on February 18th, 2011. Posted in Articles

Blog commenting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It's the best way to tell your opinion about the blog post you read, add something that was not covered in the post, and discuss the post with other readers. In addition, by sharing your thoughts, you get backlinks and traffic to your website because you provide your name and URL. However, blog commenting is not only used for getting traffic but also for various other reasons. So, let me show you top 5 reasons why you should comment on blogs:

What’s New

Written by Julia on October 13th, 2010. Posted in

version 3.5.5, March 3, 2014 

Fixed: captcha from Google did not show.
Fixed: return of sites by the Yahoo search engine.

version 3.5.3, February 20, 2014 

Current component update.

version 3.5.2, February 13, 2013 

Fixed: links to ArticleBuilder in the Settings.

version 3.5.1, October 16, 2012 

Added: ability to work on virtual PC.
Fixed and improved the internal search engine. 

version 3.5.0, October 3, 2012

Added: integration with ArticleBuilder, rich database of quality articles and tips, that you can use as the basis for your comments.
Added: vertical layout for wide-screen monitors.
Added: ability to select the region the results should come from.
Added: ability to fill in the comment form from the popup menu if the form is not filled in automatically.

version 3.2.3, March 21, 2012

Fixed: Adding domains to the blacklist.

version 3.2.2, January 31, 2012

Fixed: “Access violation” error during the determination of the type of some blogs.

version 3.2, January 26, 2012

Added: “Use custom footprints from text file” option to the Settings.
Added: “Skip duplicate domains” option to the Settings.
Added: “Time range:” menu.
Added: ability to determine and show the engine the blog is powered by [the “Engine” column].
Added: ability to show the page title [the “Title” column].

version 3.1, October 17, 2011

Added: “Return blogs from Yahoo (in addition to Google)” option to the settings.
Added: ability to copy/move blogs from one list to another.
Fixed: PageRank determination.

version 3.0.2, January 8, 2010

Fixed: blog search did not work correctly with the languages which included non-English characters.
A few improvements in the search engine.

version 3.0.1, December 22, 2009

Added: “Pause” button to the toolbar.
Fixed: the program gave the “Access violation…” error if you ran the “Detect Type” option after the search was complete.
Fixed: the “Detect PR for DoFollow blogs only” option in the Settings did not work.
Fixed: if you clicked on the “Check my Comments” option, the program redirected you to the “Proxy” tab in the Settings instead of “My Domains”.

version 3.0, December 10, 2009

Added: drop down menu to the Start button where you can choose to scan only the top 10, 20 or 50 links returned for each search request.
Added: new blog type called “MIXED”.
Added: “Check My Comments” option that allows check blogs for approved comments.
Added: form auto-fill option.
Added: “Report Wrong Blog Type” option.
Added: quick search option.
Added: “Skip blogs where you must login or register to post comments” option to the Settings.
Added: ability to indicate the number of blogs the program will process at a time in the Settings.
Added: two new blog platforms are included into the search results.

Older versions skipped.

Difference between Free and Gold Editions

Written by Julia on October 9th, 2010. Posted in

Fast Blog Finder Gold Edition Beats Free Version
by a Whopping 500% Increase in Do-Follow Back-Links!
See the amazing results of our TEST below…

I sometimes hear people saying on the forums how easy it is to find DoFollow blogs manually by using Google blog search. But what they don’t know yet is how many hours, programs like Fast Blog Finder can save them, and more importantly – enable them to get direct traffic and do-follow back links to ANY site of your choice. How much time is one spending on average to find, let’s say, a hundred of DoFollow blogs?

Stop the guess work! I did a recent test to demonstrate how Fast Blog Finder can make your life easier, save you countless hours of time, effort and energy so you can decide for yourself if this is the right “weapon” in your marketing arsenal, or not.

The keyword phrase I used for my comparative test is “make money online”.

How many blogs does the Free version discover for you?

Although the Free version of Fast Blog Finder is very limited in features, it is worth giving a try; just experience its power before you decide for the GOLD version which unlocks the full benefits of blog commenting and back-link generation.

Because we want ONLY our best and most responsive clients use this tool we limited the Free version as following:

– Returns only 50 blogs for each search (mostly NoFollow);
– “Load Blog List” option disabled;
– Domain blacklist disabled;
– “Skip duplicate posts between different search queries” option disabled;
– “Skip duplicate domains” option disabled.

However, per our test, I got these results for the “make money online” key term:

DoFollow – 13
NoFollow – 24
Unknown – 6
HTTP error – 1


Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

So, in the Free version there are 13 DoFollow blogs to leave comments on in the first place. And I can sort 24 NoFollow blogs by the Domain PR and Page PR and comment on the blogs with higher domain and page PR hoping to get a little more human traffic to my website.

Hint: To sort the blogs by more than one column, hold down Shift on the keyboard and click on the column heading.  

In addition, I have 6 blogs of the MIXED type. There is a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments on the blog. You can find the very best blogs for commenting among MIXED blogs. Some blogs of the MIXED type are set so that the commentator gets a DoFollow link after minimum 5 or 10 approved comments. So, only a few get the DoFollow link what makes those links extra valuable.

Hint: Did you notice the drop down menu in the Start button that allows you choose Top 10 Results, Top 20 Results or Top 50 Results? Using this menu you can limit the program to process only 10, 20 or 50 links from each search request in order to get the most relevant blogs for your keywords. Fast Blog Finder sends several requests to search engines for one keyword set and by default scans 100 links per page returned by the search engine. So, if you want to speed up the search process and get the most relevant results, choose Top 10, 20 or 50 results. For example, if you select Top 10 Results and run a search, you’ll get approximately 50-60 blogs for your keywords.

How many blogs does the Gold version retrieve for you?

Are you ready to see what the Gold edition can do for us? This version is guaranteed to save you countless hours of your time, effort and energy. Forget about manual blog research. Let our tool do its magic in the background while you work on your business, or spend time with your family.

It is like an instant jump in the pros league!

The Gold edition of Fast Blog Finder has no limitations on the quantity of blogs it returns. It will show you all the blogs that the search engine returns for your keywords.

Plus, you can indicate yourself the quantity of pages to fetch from the search engine. I used the default parameter – 3 pages.

Well, for my test keywords “make money online” keyword test the Gold version returned 2440 blogs where:

DoFollow – 674
NoFollow – 1375
MIXED – 275
Unknown – 98
HTTP error  – 18

Here is the visual proof.

Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

Can you see the difference now? I have 674 DoFollow blogs in the Gold edition against 13 DoFollow blogs in the Free version. It is like I’m getting 50x times more blogs, in an instant!

Plus, I have 1375 NoFollow blogs in the Gold edition. Those which have higher PR are worth to comment on too. Imagine the possibilities!

And 275 MIXED blogs in the Gold edition against 6 MIXED blogs returned by the Free edition is a marked difference.

As to Unknown blogs, if the blog doesn’t have any comments on the latest 10 posts, Fast Blog Finder classifies it as Unknown. In most cases these are abandoned, not supported anymore or simply crappy blogs. But sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a few gems among Unknown blogs. So, you’ll see whether the blog is DoFollow or NoFollow only after your comment is posted on the blog.

But that’s not all! Here comes the best part:

Fast Blog Finder Gold edition provides you with a couple of additional features that are disabled in the Free version…when you upgrade to GOLD you’ll be instantly able to… 

  • Exclude duplicate posts between different searches. If you run multiples searches for similar keywords and do not want the same posts to show in multiple lists, just go to the program settings and check the “Skip duplicate posts between different search queries” option. This way you’ll get unique results for each search query, without manual work!
  • Add domains to the blacklist to exclude them from the search results. If you found any crappy blogs, you can add the domains to the blacklist and Fast Blog Finder will not show those blogs anymore. The domains are saved to a text file. You can open the text file (blacklist) and edit/delete the domains. It is a fun way to “manipulate” Google results!
  • And what’s even more important is that you can import your own list of blogs using Fast Blog Finder Gold edition, determine the blog type and post comments on those blogs.

We found through extensive research and testing that none of our competitors offer the same highly sought-after benefits and features as Fast Blog Find GOLD version does!

Still not convinced? Read the users’ comments below the post. Or, jump in the pros league instantly:

Click here to upgrade to the Gold edition now

7 Little Known Ways to Get Your Comments Read

Written by Julia on September 17th, 2010. Posted in Articles

In the previous article on blog commenting I wrote that you should comment on a blog only if you had something valuable to add to the discussion and that only valuable comments would be of benefit to you. If you provide a useful comment, not only will it be approved and posted but there are more chances that it will be noticed by the blog author and other people who can follow your URL and bring more traffic to your site.

But what is a valuable comment? And are good comments always noticed and read? This is what I'd like to talk about in this article.

When DoFollow Blogs Can Hurt You

Written by Julia on August 22nd, 2010. Posted in Articles

Being bloggers we all like good comments. A good comment adds to the conversation, provides useful information and relevant links. The commenter doesn't drop many links to his/her multiple blogs or websites in the comment text.

And we all hate spam. The owners of "DoFollow" blogs observe an explosion of borderline spam comments and moderate like crazy!

You may think you did everything right. You typed your SEO terms into the "Name" field and wrote a comment. And since the blog is "DoFollow" why not add one more link in the signature to get more backlinks and clicks?

You think this is smart. However, you hurt yourself.