How to Maximize Your Affiliate Income

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Joining a wonderful affiliate program that promises big money rewards can sound like winning the lottery. Many affiliates just put their referral links on their websites, send the links to a few sources of potential buyers and wait for the gold rain to start falling on them. This can work but not likely as expected.

affiliate income To make the affiliate program work to the fullest sometimes requires a bit more work. Placing referral links on the affiliate's website or blog, on forums, emailing others about the program is only the first step of the earning process. There are other important steps that you as an affiliate can and should take to maximize your affiliate income.

The key to most of them lies in content creation. Do not rely much on the advertising and promotion material you are provided with when you sign up as an affiliate. This content is not unique because it is used by everyone and his dog. We recommend that you use that material only as a starting point for creating your own content. You know people will likely trust the story written from one's own experience rather than pure advertisement. Before promoting a product, try it and find out if it works work for you. Did it actually help you? Then write a review or an article about the product you're promoting.

However, if you "Fake It 'til You Make it", then you're doing what everyone else does. You are a false prophet, guru, marketer, or whatever you want to call yourself. If you follow this bad advice, you join the incestuous world of the blind leading the blind. You will most likely end up a very dissatisfied person and marketer, if you follow this way of thinking. Will you really enjoy the type of success that comes with selling the un-reviewed and untested product?

So, be honest, informative and interesting with posts or articles. Don't be shy to mention weak sides along with the benefits. Tell people what your general feeling about the program is, what you liked and disliked, how easy it was, i.e. everything you have to tell about the product.  Honesty is always a good policy. No one wants to read a sales letter. Include the bad with the good if bad is there.

Try to work the right keywords in, especially in titles and lead paragraphs. Using keywords can be important to boost the search ranking of posts on affiliate programs. It is important, however, to use the keywords wisely and do not make the article too cumbersome. Keyword stuffed articles often do not win.

Tips for Content Distribution

If you create a great content about the product and no one knows about it, then there is just a loss of time and effort. So, the next step for boosting affiliate program revenues is to create channels of content distribution.
Here are 6 tips on how you can promote your content:

  • Email newsletters are an excellent channel of distribution as the publisher or in an advertising capacity. You can start an email newsletter to communicate with your clients, prospects, subscribers and your target market at large.
  • Blogs can be as a good platform for distributing content because of RSS and the tendency blogs have to freely link to each other.
  • Social Networking is the oldest kind of marketing and in many cases, still the most effective. Online tools for networking like, Flickr, YouTube, digg, etc. can serve as channels of distribution and networking.
  • Forums. Whether you start a forum yourself, moderate, advertise or simply participate in someone's forum, the exchanges that occur within forums and discussion threads can build credibility that can be leveraged into building blog and newsletter subscribers.
  • Pre-sell pages are another fantastic idea for distributing your content and boosting affiliate program revenues. These pages can include reviews or just informational reports on the program you're promoting. Give these pages their own URLs and make sure to put your referral links on them. The benefit here is that these pages can quickly gain ranking and traffic attention.
  • Traffic from other relevant sites. It might not be the most popular way to gain attention for your affiliate links, but it can work. To use this method, you should set Google Alerts for the topic. So, you will be notified when others write about the affiliate subject. You can go to their sites, write a few comments and drop a link to your pre-sell page or related content. Those who are interested in more information on the topic will likely click through.

Making the most out of affiliate programs without spending a fortune in advertising is possible. The written word alone can draw traffic and interested parties in for a look at your site and possibly a click through to the affiliates, as well.

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