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5 SEO Tips for Massive Website Traffic

Written by Julia on June 4th, 2010. Posted in Articles

If you see a decrease in human traffic to your website, it's most likely because your site lost its position on the first page in search engine results. It's time to sit and think how you could improve the situation. Below I share with you 5 obvious but sometimes overlooked tips to master your website search engine optimization:

5 Most Strong SEO Misbelieves Disclosed

Written by Julia on April 10th, 2010. Posted in Articles

So many sites provide so much information about search engine optimization, so it's sometimes difficult to understand what to do and what not to do to optimize your website for search engines. You can really be stuck if you are new to SEO. I'm going to help you put your knowledge in order by telling you about the most common SEO myths and giving some useful tips as one goes.