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Fast Blog Finder v2.6 vs. v3.0: Live Test

Written by Julia on February 12th, 2011. Posted in Articles

We’ve been working hard at the new 3 version of Fast Blog Finder and now I've got my private 3.0 version to test.

In addition to the improved search and checking engine, we added several new features to the v3.0.

So, the new version can determine the blog type from two new platforms and find much more DoFollow blogs where you can comment on.

Plus, the v3.0 can skip the blogs where you must login or register to post a comment and search for your approved comments on the blogs.  And in the v3.0 there is the form auto-fill option where you can create different profiles (name, email, URL, and signature) for different niches.

Is it worth to upgrade to the v3.0? Let’s see.

This may come as a SHOCK to you…

Written by Julia on October 23rd, 2010. Posted in Articles

Fast Blog Finder v3.0 has a new engine which recognizes new blog platforms and finds much more DoFollow blogs than the previous version. When developing the v3.0 we spent many hours for manually verifying hundreds of blogs to ensure that the program determined the blog type correctly.

Despite this, we don’t expect the program to be 100% accurate in analyzing the blogs. So, we added the "Report Wrong Blog Type" option to the program. Using this option you can send us the URL of the blog that was determined incorrectly by Fast Blog Finder. We'll check it out and make improvements in the program engine. When a new version of the checking engine is available, Fast Blog Finder will download it automatically when you open the program. You won't need to re-download and re-install the entire program. Fast Blog Finder will update the checking engine automatically every time a new version of it is available.

Well, now I continue my tests…