Fast Blog Finder v2.6 vs. v3.0: Live Test

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We’ve been working hard at the new 3 version of Fast Blog Finder and now I've got my private 3.0 version to test.

In addition to the improved search and checking engine, we added several new features to the v3.0.

So, the new version can determine the blog type from two new platforms and find much more DoFollow blogs where you can comment on.

Plus, the v3.0 can skip the blogs where you must login or register to post a comment and search for your approved comments on the blogs.  And in the v3.0 there is the form auto-fill option where you can create different profiles (name, email, URL, and signature) for different niches.

Is it worth to upgrade to the v3.0? Let’s see.

I ran a search in the v2.6 and v3.0 of Fast Blog Finder using two keyword sets: popular “make money online” and less popular "ebook cover".

The settings in both versions were the same. I used the Gold edition, set the program to fetch 3 pages from the search engine and disabled the check PageRank option in order not to be blocked by Google due to a high quantity of requests for PageRank.

Here is what I discovered…

A search for “make money online” in the v2.6 including the use of the “Detect Type” option for Unknown blogs gave the following results:

Total search time: 23 min 50 sec
Total of blogs found: 652

DoFollow: 42
NoFollow: 330
Unknown: 276
HTTP error: 4

test v2.6 make money online

Now I ran a search for “make money online” in the new 3.0 version of Fast Blog Finder.

One of the improvements in the v3.0 is that the program determines the type of Unknown blogs automatically during the search. You don’t need to spend time and run the “Detect Type” option anymore. (You will need to use the “Detect Type” option only if you load a list of your own blogs and want to determine their types).

The v3.0 marks a blog as Unknown if the blog has no comments at all (so you can be the first who commented on the blog) or the comments on the blog don’t have links so it’s impossible to determine the blog type.

So, in the new 3.0 version I got the following results for the “make money online” keyword phrase:

Total search time: 28 min 20 sec
Total of blogs found: 2772

DoFollow: 658
NoFollow: 1648
Unknown: 436
HTTP error: 30

make money test in v3

As you see the search in the new 3.0 version of Fast Blog Finder took a little more time (28 min 20 sec vs. 23 min 50 sec) but returned 4+ times more blogs (2772 vs. 652) for the “make money online” keyword phrase in comparison with the old 2.6 version.

Now let's test less popular keyword phrase "ebook cover" and see which version does the job better.

The v2.6 gave the following:

Total search time: 14 min 40 sec
Total of blogs found: 311

DoFollow: 22
NoFollow: 143
Unknown: 140
HTTP error: 6

ebook cover test in v2.6

While the new 3.0 version gave these results:

Total search time: 11 min 30 sec
Total of blogs found: 779

DoFollow: 125
NoFollow: 501
Unknown: 142
HTTP error: 11

ebook cover test in v3

The difference is evident, isn't it? The search in the v3.0 ran faster and returned 2,5 times more blogs than the old 2.6 version.

So, the new v3.0 beats the old v2.6 by all tested keywords.

Note that the search results may be different in your location. The program performance depends on the Internet connection speed and the program settings.

Now let’s conclude:

  • Fast Blog Finder v3.0 can determine the blog type from two new platforms and finds much more DoFollow blogs;
  • Fast Blog Finder v3.0 works fast and often takes less time to perform the search;
  • Fast Blog Finder v3.0 returns 2+ times more blogs for the specified keywords;

BTW. Can you guess what this new icon in the v3.0 means? Please, share your thoughts in comments below the article.

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