4 Tips for Recruiting Multiple Writers to Build Your Blog

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If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably realized how time-consuming the whole process can be. Taking your blog to the next step involves coming up with fresh content using various different perspectives, a feat that often cannot be simply accomplished on your own. Recruiting several regular contributors is a great way to push your blog from a personal pet project to a something that can create money, recognition, or both. Here are a few ideas for finding additional bloggers to contribute to your blog:

1. First ask yourself if you really need more writers.

Not every blog will need more than one writer. If you are considering hiring help to build your blog, be sure to ask yourself if it is worth it. Some blog niches require constantly updated content in order to grow, while others niches are more suited to having one blogger post occasionally. Spend some time considering whether hiring more writers (each of whom you’ll have to pay per post) is worth the money.

2. Become involved in niche forums and find the most incisive posters.

Forums are a great way to find the best writers on specific topics. While the blogosphere is filled with aspiring writers who attempt to write on virtually anything (you’ll find plenty of these on freelance writing sites), the types of writers that you truly want to recruit are those who are actually experts in your particular niche. As such, scour the Internet for expert forums that focus on your particular industry. Become involved in these forums by posting and checking frequently. Be on the look out for posters who not only write well but have creative insight on the particular topic that your blog covers, after which you can approach these posters with a private message.

3. Read various blogs, looking for blogs that are well-written but have a small audience.

There’s an incredible amount of top-notch blogs out there that simply do not have a substantial audience, for whatever reason. Most of the time, these smaller-scale bloggers have not acquired a large following because they have not yet learned the art of SEO and blog visibility. A good way to find blogs like this is in the comments sections of bigger blogs. These small bloggers will often post links to their own blog. Once you find a few bloggers who write excellently but still don’t have much visibility, approach them with an offer in which they can become regular contributors to your blog. Emphasize that the joining of minds will help them generate more traffic to their own blog.

4. Post a notice on your own blog to draw from your like-minded audience.

One of the best ways to find new contributing writers from your blog is to draw from your already-existing network of readers. Start with posting an announcement calling for guest posts. Although you’ll likely receive many half-baked posts written by shameless Internet marketers, there will be at least a handful of dedicated readers who want to passionately contribute to your project. Once you receive a solid guest post from a true reader, ask for a few more contributions before making a long-term offer.

Hiring writers to contribute to your blog is no easy process, but if you communicate well with potential hires, determining whether they “get” you and your blog, finding a new voice to add to your blog can be a true blessing. For more information on hiring writers, including issues like pay, check out this ProBlogger article.

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