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8 Simple Steps to Better Search Engine Optimization

Written by Julia on August 29th, 2012. Posted in Articles

Search engine optimization (SEO) is aimed at the enhancement of the website value with the search engines and improvement of the site ranking in the search results for the target keywords. High ranked websites get more clicks as they appear on the first page in the search results where people can easily find them. Search engine optimization is not difficult when done right.

Below are 8 simple steps to better search engine optimization:

How to Get FANTASTIC Results Using Custom Footprints in Fast Blog Finder

Written by Julia on March 5th, 2011. Posted in Articles

By default Fast Blog Finder searches for blogs using footprints programmed inside the program. In the version 3.2 we added the ability to use custom footprints instead of the default ones. This little yet very powerful feature makes your search potential almost UNLIMITED.

What’s New

Written by Julia on October 13th, 2010. Posted in

version 3.5.5, March 3, 2014 

Fixed: captcha from Google did not show.
Fixed: return of sites by the Yahoo search engine.

version 3.5.3, February 20, 2014 

Current component update.

version 3.5.2, February 13, 2013 

Fixed: links to ArticleBuilder in the Settings.

version 3.5.1, October 16, 2012 

Added: ability to work on virtual PC.
Fixed and improved the internal search engine. 

version 3.5.0, October 3, 2012

Added: integration with ArticleBuilder, rich database of quality articles and tips, that you can use as the basis for your comments.
Added: vertical layout for wide-screen monitors.
Added: ability to select the region the results should come from.
Added: ability to fill in the comment form from the popup menu if the form is not filled in automatically.

version 3.2.3, March 21, 2012

Fixed: Adding domains to the blacklist.

version 3.2.2, January 31, 2012

Fixed: “Access violation” error during the determination of the type of some blogs.

version 3.2, January 26, 2012

Added: “Use custom footprints from text file” option to the Settings.
Added: “Skip duplicate domains” option to the Settings.
Added: “Time range:” menu.
Added: ability to determine and show the engine the blog is powered by [the “Engine” column].
Added: ability to show the page title [the “Title” column].

version 3.1, October 17, 2011

Added: “Return blogs from Yahoo (in addition to Google)” option to the settings.
Added: ability to copy/move blogs from one list to another.
Fixed: PageRank determination.

version 3.0.2, January 8, 2010

Fixed: blog search did not work correctly with the languages which included non-English characters.
A few improvements in the search engine.

version 3.0.1, December 22, 2009

Added: “Pause” button to the toolbar.
Fixed: the program gave the “Access violation…” error if you ran the “Detect Type” option after the search was complete.
Fixed: the “Detect PR for DoFollow blogs only” option in the Settings did not work.
Fixed: if you clicked on the “Check my Comments” option, the program redirected you to the “Proxy” tab in the Settings instead of “My Domains”.

version 3.0, December 10, 2009

Added: drop down menu to the Start button where you can choose to scan only the top 10, 20 or 50 links returned for each search request.
Added: new blog type called “MIXED”.
Added: “Check My Comments” option that allows check blogs for approved comments.
Added: form auto-fill option.
Added: “Report Wrong Blog Type” option.
Added: quick search option.
Added: “Skip blogs where you must login or register to post comments” option to the Settings.
Added: ability to indicate the number of blogs the program will process at a time in the Settings.
Added: two new blog platforms are included into the search results.

Older versions skipped.

Fast Blog Finder Video Review

Written by Julia on May 15th, 2010. Posted in

Video Review: Fast Blog Finder Top 7 Features

From this quick video you'll learn about the top 7 features which make our Fast Blog Finder the most complete blog commenting software solution. We'll show you exactly how each feature works and what it means for you… and your business.

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