You can download a fully functional version of G-Lock Blog Finder and try it for free. So, you will get a good feel about how the software works and how you can benefit from it. The Free edition of Blog Finder requires registration and allows you find up to 50 blogs for each keyword phrase. You can upgrade software to the Gold Edition and search as many blogs as you want.


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Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software

G-Lock EasyMail7 helps you increase sales through email marketing without third-party monthly plans. This newsletter sending software has taken the complexity out of email marketing so that you can focus on innovative ideas that keep your business moving forward. A sleek user interface combined with modern technology and top-tier security makes G-Lock EasyMail7 an easy choice for marketers who need to do more with less. Download G-Lock EasyMail7 now and discover how our email marketing solution can help you grow and succeed online.

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G-Lock Email Verifier

Advanced Email Verifier

Keep your mailing lists and address books clean with this powerful tool that eliminates non-working email addresses reliably. When some Internet users move from one service provider to another, they do not take their email address along with them. Users who lost their email accounts may not notify you of their loss. Internet users may choose to subscribe to your service with a phony email address so that they have access to a free download or a free offer that you may be offering online. Hence, you are left with dead email addresses. Read more about how to verify your mailing list and download fast email verifier now.