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You've got a blog or website, added many quality posts to it and yet you find that your site is not as popular as you would want it to be. Quality content is surely important but it isn’t enough to increase your readers. People need to know that your blog exists. So, you need to promote your blog.

New Link Building Methods: Guest BloggingTo tell the world about your site, you can comment regularly on other blogs with the content similar to yours, advertise on popular blogs, submit your posts to social bookmark sites, or submit a guest post on popular blogs in your niche.

If you are a relatively new blogger or website owner who is looking to attract new readers and extend the visibility of your site, guest blogging might be a nice opportunity for you.

What is guest blogging and how does it work?

Guest blogging is about writing an article, story, review, or case study and have it posted on someone else's blog. The content must be relevant to the blog's general theme. Imagine you have a couple of favorite blogs you visit regularly. You read the posts and share your thoughts with the blog's owner and other readers in comments. But you feel you can tell more on the given problem, share your experience in that area, or maybe you found a tool that you think would be useful for the blog's readers. So why not write a story or product review and offer the blogger to post it on their blog? This is what guest blogging for. You prepare your content, contact the blog's owner, tell them that you have some interesting and useful information to share with their readers and ask them to consider posting your article on their blog. If they accept guest posts and if they find your story worth to be posted, your article will be published.

What exactly are the benefits of guest blogging?

Is guest blogging really worth it for both the host blog and the guest blogger? There are indeed a couple of benefits to both the host blog and the guest blogger on short-term as well as long-term. Here are 5 great reasons for you to start posting on other blogs:

  • Valid links to your own blog/website. You know that backlinks from relevant sites give much more in terms of Google juice. Most blog owners will happily give a backlink back to your blog or website either directly in the post itself or on the blogroll. This link will help your future rankings in the search engines, and is a great way to earn quality inbound links at no cost except the time invested in writing the guest post itself.
  • New right visitors. Demonstrating your writing skills and knowledge in the given niche to the readership of other blogs is a great way to gain new and interested visitors. Every blog has a set of readers, and guest blogging on it exposes your blog or website to them. By guest blogging you can get visitors to your site who are already interested in the topic you write and therefore are more likely to convert to regular readers of your blog. You know a thousand of visitors daily is nice, but 100 targeted visitors at any time are better. A targeted user is more likely to bookmark your site, sign up for your newsletter and bring new visitors along with him.
  • More traffic to your own blog/website. The appearance of your post on a popular and well visited blog will give more exposure to your own blog, and will most likely bring traffic from the host blog as the visitors will come to see and read more of your stuff if the post is interesting enough. Although not all of those readers will want to visit your blog at once, they will surely notice your blog name and the next time you submit a guest post on the same blog or another blog they read, they will want to check out your blog.
  • Making friends. Guest blogging also helps build relationships with other bloggers and establish you as an authority on your chosen subject. Just regard other bloggers in your chosen niche as partners and not as enemies because other blogs are well enough visited and you can make your blog or website more popular by having a post on those blogs.
  • Reciprocal interest. If the blog owner likes your post, he can return the favor to you at some point. The same reasons that make you writing a guest blost, is a great reason for the blog owner to write a guest entry on your blog.

For the host blog there are also several benefits:

  • The host blog will benefit from an increased exposure from another blog or website, as the guest blogger will more likely inform his/her own readers that he is now posting on other respected blogs.
  • The blogger can have a break while his blog is up and running. Plus, they get a fresh perspective on their topic.

…And the reader wins because they get a new, fresh standpoint concerning the blog's subject that indicates the host blogger cares for his readership, and wants to bring as much information and knowledge to his visitors as possible.

Guest Blogging on

Publishing guest posts on popular blogs is a tried and tested way to get inbound links and traffic. The guest blogger gets visibility and a link back, and the host blog gets a useful content and a fresh point of view on the blog subject.

I am looking forward to help you get the most out of guest blogging and I am opening for guest blogging.

My guest blogging policy is simple:

  • Write an article relevant to theme: tips, tricks, case studies on the internet marketing, SEO, link building, website promotion.


    – The article must be more than 350 words.
    – The article must have a unique content, not published yet on any blog or website including yours.
    – The article must not contain any affiliate links.
    – The article must not be ranting or negative in any way. I need inspiring posts for future guest bloggers.

  • Send it to me either in the body of an e-mail or in the attachment at support (at)
  • Include your biography: name (as you would like it to appear), credentials (if you have any like children, etc.), and links to your blog, website and your blog feed (if you have them).

Obviously, the content of your story must be relevant to the site but arrangements can be made if necessary. If I like your article and it is reasonably on topic, I'll strongly consider posting it.

I don't want to promise you a flood of new traffic, but if you haven't done any guest blogging before, maybe posting in a new environment and exposing your content to new readers will result in a gain of readership. Anyway, it won't certainly hurt.

So send me your posts! I am always looking for great content to post and other points of views that readers may find valuable.

When done properly, guest blogging is a win-win-win opportunity: the audience first, next the guest and last (but not least) the host blog. A bit of foresight can prevent disaster. Do it right and it can be fantastic for all parties.

In the upcoming article I will tell you about how to find the blogs to offer your guest post and write a guest post that the blogger can't refuse. And the last article will be about how to find the opportune moment to contact the blogger and what to tell them to have your guest post accepted.

Let me know what you think by posting your comments below.

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